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About the team

Inverse problems are by definition ill-posed either in the sense of solution existence and uniqueness, or stability. Traditionally, inverse problems are application oriented, although there are also pure mathematical problems that are considered to be inverse problems.

Our team is one of the research teams at the Laboratory of Mathematics at Tampere University of Technology. Our team studies inverse problems and several of their applications, varying from microscaled biology to understanding phenomena at galactic scales.

Our projects are part of the research programme of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research and they have been funded by the Academy of Finland since 2006. In the period 2018-2026 the funding continues under the title Centre of Excellence in Inverse Modelling and Imaging. Additional funding is provided by Tampere University of Technology.


New research topic and collaborators

A new research topic was added together with new collaborating institutes. The added research involves asteroid tomography and proposes a live mission on a near-earth-asteroid.

See Collaborators page.

New software publication

Geoceles geoimaging tool for small celestial bodies has been published in GitHub. The software package includes a graphical user interface created in Matlab.

See Software page.

Video view milestone

The total sum of views for the videos by our Inverse Problems research group recently topped 10,000. On top of that, the animations or parts of them have been featured in numerous presentations over the years. Thank you to everyone who watched, and for all the great feedback.

See Videos page.

Team members

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