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Recent Journal Articles

[29] Segmentation of vessel structures from photoacoustic images with reliability assessment Pasi RaumonenTanja TarvainenIn Biomed. Opt. Express, OSA, volume 9, 2018.
[28] Multigrid-Based Inversion for Volumetric Radar Imaging With Asteroid Interior Reconstruction as a Potential Application M. TakalaD. UsS. PursiainenIn IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, volume 4, 2018.
[27] Advanced Boundary Electrode Modeling for tES and Parallel tES/EEG S. PursiainenB. AgstenS. WagnerC. H. WoltersIn IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, volume 26, 2018.
[26] Far-Field Inversion for the Deep Interior Scanning CubeSat M. TakalaP. BambachJ. DellerE. VileniusM. WittigH. LentzH. M. BraunM. KaasalainenS. PursiainenIn IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, volume , 2018.
[25] (16) Psyche: A mesosiderite-like asteroid? M. ViikinkoskiP. VernazzaJ. HanusH. Le CorollerK. TazhenovaB. CarryM. MarssetA. DrouardF. MarchisR. FetickT. FuscoJ. DurechM. BirlanJ. BerthierP. BartczakC. DumasJ. Castillo-RogezF. CiprianiF. ColasM. FerraisJ. GriceE. JehinL. JordaM. KaasalainenA. KryszczynskaP. LamyA. MarciniakT. MichalowskiP. MichelM. PajueloE. Podlewska-GacaT. Santana-RosP. TangaF. VachierA. ViganB. WarnerO. WitasseB. YangIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 619, 2018.
[24] Uncertainty in multispectral lidar signals caused by incidence angle effects Sanna KaasalainenMarkku ÅkerblomOlli NevalainenTeemu HakalaMikko KaasalainenIn Interface Focus, Royal Society, volume 8, 2018.
[23] Weighing trees with lasers: advances, challenges and opportunities M. I. DisneyM. Boni VicariA. BurtK. CaldersS. L. LewisP. RaumonenP. WilkesIn Interface Focus, Royal Society, volume 8, 2018.
[22] Distribution of shape elongations of main belt asteroids derived from Pan-STARRS1 photometry H. CibulkováH. NortunenJ. ĎurechM. KaasalainenP. VeresR. JedickeR. J. WainscoatM. MommertD. E. TrillingE. Schunová-LillyE. A. MagnierC. WatersH. FlewellingIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 611, 2018.
[21] Non-intersecting leaf insertion algorithm for tree structure models Markku ÅkerblomPasi RaumonenEric CasellaMathias I. DisneyF. Mark DansonRachel GaultonLucy A. SchofieldMikko KaasalainenIn Interface Focus, Royal Society, volume 8, 2018.
[20] How management intensity and neighborhood composition affect the structure of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) trees Julia JuchheimPeter AnnighöferChristian AmmerKim CaldersPasi RaumonenDominik SeidelIn Trees, 2017.
[19] The Effect of Hardware-Computed Travel Time on Localization Accuracy in the Inversion of Experimental (Acoustic) Waveform Data M. TakalaT. D. HämäläinenS. PursiainenIn IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging, volume 3, 2017.
[18] A Mixed Finite Element Method to Solve the EEG Forward Problem J. VorwerkC. EngwerS. PursiainenC. H. WoltersIn IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, volume 36, 2017.
[17] Adaptive optics and lightcurve data of asteroids: twenty shape models and information content analysis M. ViikinkoskiJ. HanušM. KaasalainenF. MarchisJ. ĎurechIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 607, 2017.
[16] Kriging prediction of stand-level forest information using mobile laser scanning data adjusted for nondetection Svetlana SaarelaJohannes BreidenbachPasi RaumonenAnton GrafströmGöran StåhlMark J. DuceyRasmus AstrupIn Canadian Journal of Forest Research, volume 47, 2017.
[15] Bayes Forest: a data-intensive generator of morphological tree clones Ilya PotapovMarko JärvenpääMarkku ÅkerblomPasi RaumonenMikko KaasalainenIn GigaScience, volume 6, 2017.
[14] Shape and spin distributions of asteroid populations from brightness variation estimates and large databases H. NortunenM. KaasalainenJ. ĎurechH. CibulkováV. Ali-LagoaJ. HanušIn A&A, volume 601, 2017.
[13] LEADER: fast estimates of asteroid shape elongation and spin latitude distributions from scarce photometry H. NortunenM. KaasalainenIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 608, 2017.
[12] 3D shape of asteroid (6) Hebe from VLT/SPHERE imaging: Implications for the origin of ordinary H chondrites M. MarssetB. CarryC. DumasJ. HanušM. ViikinkoskiP. VernazzaT. G. MüllerM. DelboE. JehinM. GillonJ. GriceB. YangT. FuscoJ. BerthierS. SonnettF. KugelJ. CaronR. BehrendIn A&A, volume 604, 2017.
[11] Comparison of wood volume estimates of young trees from terrestrial laser scan data Kunz MHess CRaumonen PBienert AHackenberg JMaas HGHärdtle WFichtner Avon Oheimb GIn iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry, 2017.
[10] Volumes and bulk densities of forty asteroids from ADAM shape modeling J. HanušM. ViikinkoskiF. MarchisJ. ĎurechM. KaasalainenM. Delbo’D. HeraldE. FrappaT. HayamizuS. KerrS. PrestonB. TimersonD. DunhamJ. TalbotIn A&A, volume 601, 2017.
[9] Shape model of asteroid (130) Elektra from optical photometry and disk-resolved images from VLT/SPHERE and Nirc2/Keck J. HanušF. MarchisM. ViikinkoskiB. YangM. KaasalainenIn A&A, volume 599, 2017.
[8] Automatic tree species recognition with quantitative structure models Markku ÅkerblomPasi RaumonenRaisa MäkipääMikko KaasalainenIn Remote Sensing of Environment, volume 191, 2017.
[7] Radar observations and shape model of asteroid 16 Psyche Michael K. ShepardJames RichardsonPatrick A. TaylorLinda A. Rodriguez-FordAl ConradImke de PaterMate AdamkovicsKatherine de KleerJared R. MalesKatie M. MorzinskiLaird M. CloseMikko KaasalainenMatti ViikinkoskiBradley TimersonVishnu ReddyChristopher MagriMichael C. NolanEllen S. HowellLance A.M. BennerJon D. GiorginiBrian D. WarnerAlan W. HarrisIn Icarus, volume 281, 2017.
[6] Orbiter-to-orbiter tomography: a potential approach for small solar system bodies S. PursiainenM. KaasalainenIn IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, volume 52, 2016.
[5] A Mixed Finite Element Method to Solve the EEG Forward Problem J. VorwerkC. EngwerS. PursiainenC. H. WoltersIn IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, volume PP, 2016.
[4] Data-based stochastic modeling of tree growth and structure formation Ilya PotapovMarko JärvenpääMarkku ÅkerblomPasi RaumonenMikko KaasalainenIn Silva Fennica, volume 50, 2016.
[3] Observing ecosystems with lightweight, rapid-scanning terrestrial lidar scanners Ian PaynterEdward SaenzDaniel GenestFrancesco PeriAngela ErbZhan LiKara WigginJasmine MuirPasi RaumonenErica Skye SchaafAlan StrahlerCrystal SchaafIn Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation, volume 2, 2016.
[2] Poincaré inverse problem and torus construction in phase space Teemu LaaksoMikko KaasalainenIn Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, volume 315, 2016.
[1] Distribution of spin-axes longitudes and shape elongations of main-belt asteroids H. CibulkováJ. ĎurechD. VokrouhlickýM. KaasalainenD. A. OszkiewiczIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 596, 2016.

Conference Papers

[14] Topological characterization of shallow cumulus cloud fields using persistent homology José Licón-SaláizHenri RiihimäkiThirza W. van LaarIn Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Climate Informatics: CI 2018, 2018.
[13] Large-area virtual forests from terrestrial laser scanning data K. CaldersA. BurtN. OrigoM. DisneyJ. NightingaleP. RaumonenP. LewisIn 2016 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2016.
[12] Reducing uncertainties in above-ground biomass estimates using terrestrial laser scanning. Calders KBurt ANewnham GDisney MMurphy SRaumonen PHerold MCulvenor DArmston AAvitabile VKaasalainen M.In Proceedings of Silvilaser 2015, 2015.
[11] Traceability of essential climate variables through forest stand reconstruction with terrestrial laser scanning. Calders KDisney MNightingale JOrigo NBarker ARaumonen PLewis PBurt ABrennan JFox N.In Proceedings of Silvilaser 2015, 2015.
[10] Terrestrial LiDAR and 3D tree Quantitative Structure Model for quantification of aboveground biomass loss from selective logging in a tropical rainforest of Peru Gonzalez de Tanago JBartholomeus HJoseph SHerold MAvitabile VGoodman RRaumonen PBurt A.In Proceedings of Silvilaser 2015, 2015.
[9] Application of terrestrial LiDAR and modelling of tree branching structure for plant- scaling models in tropical forest trees. Lau Sarmiento ABartholomeus HHerold MMartius CMalhi YPatrick Bentley LShenkin ARaumonen P.In Proceedings of Silvilaser 2015, 2015.
[8] Quantitative structure tree models from terrestrial laser scanner data. Raumonen P.In Proceedings of Silvilaser 2015, 2015.
[7] Fast automatic method for constructing topologically and geometrically precise tree models from TLS Data P. RaumonenE. CasellaM. DisneyM. ÅkerblomM. KaasalainenIn 7th International Conference on Functional-Structural Plant Models (FSPM2013) Proceedings, 2013.
[6] Bayes trees and forests: combining precise empirical and theoretical tree models M. KaasalainenI. PotapovP. RaumonenM. ÅkerblomR. SievänenS. KaasalainenIn 7th International Conference on Functional-Structural Plant Models (FSPM2013) Proceedings, 2013.
[5]Estimating above ground biomass from terrestrial laser scanning in Australian Eucalypt Open Forest K. CaldersG. NewnhamM. HeroldS. MurphyD. CulvenorP. RaumonenA. BurtJ. ArmstonV. AvitabileM. DisneyIn Silvilaser2013 Full Proceedings, 2013.
[4]Rapid Characterisation of Forest Structure from TLS and 3D Modelling A. BurtM. DisneyP. RaumonenJ. ArmstonK. CaldersP. LewisIn IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium Proceedings, 2013.
[3] Branch growth and tree change detection using terrestrial laser scanning A. KrooksS. KaasalainenP. RaumonenM. KaasalainenH. KaartinenA. KukkoE. PuttonenJ. LiskiM. HolopainenM. VastarantaIn SilviLaser2012 Full Proceedings, 2012.
[2] Testing a new vegetation structure retrieval algorithm from terrestrial lidar scanner data using 3D models M. DisneyP. LewisP. RaumonenIn SilviLaser2012 Full Proceedings, 2012.
[1] Comprehensive quantitative tree models from TLS data M. ÅkerblomP. RaumonenM. KaasalainenS. KaasalainenH. KaartinenIn IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium Proceedings, 2012.

Theses and Books

[7] Light, Shape and Space: Direct and Inverse Problems of Individual Objects and Populations H. NortunenPhD thesis, Tampere University of Technology, 2018.
[6] Quantitative Tree Reconstruction from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data and Applications M. ÅkerblomPhD thesis, Tampere University of Technology, 2018.
[5] Shape reconstruction from generalized projections M. ViikinkoskiPhD thesis, Tampere University of Technology, 2016.
[4] Asteroid models from photometry and complementary data sources Mikko KaasalainenChapter in Graduate School In Astronomy: Xvi Special Courses At The National Observatory Of Rio De Janeiro: XVI CCE, 2016.
[3] Asteroid Models from Multiple Data Sources Josef ĎurechBenoit CarryMarco DelboMikko KaasalainenMatti ViikinkoskiChapter in Asteroids IV (P. Michel et al., ed.), University of Arizona Press, 2015.
[2] What’s Out There? Asteroid Models for Target Selection and Mission Planning Mikko KaasalainenJosef ĎurechChapter in Asteroids (Viorel Badescu, ed.), Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013.
[1] Quantitative tree modeling from laser scanning data M. ÅkerblomMaster's thesis, Tampere University of Technology, 2012.

Older Journal Articles

[39] ADAM: a general method for using various data types in asteroid reconstruction Matti ViikinkoskiMikko KaasalainenJosef ĎurechIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 576, 2015.
[38] VLT/SPHERE- and ALMA-based shape reconstruction of asteroid (3) Juno M. ViikinkoskiM. KaasalainenJ. ĎurechB. CarryM. MarssetT. FuscoC. DumasW. J. MerlineB. YangJ. BerthierP. KervellaP. VernazzaIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 581, 2015.
[37] Massive-scale tree modelling from TLS data P. RaumonenE. CasellaK. CaldersS. MurphyM. ÅkerblomM. KaasalainenIn ISPRS Annals of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, volume II-3/W4, 2015.
[36] Electromagnetic 3D subsurface imaging with source sparsity for a synthetic object Sampsa PursiainenMikko KaasalainenIn Inverse Problems, volume 31, 2015.
[35] SimpleTree —An Efficient Open Source Tool to Build Tree Models from TLS Clouds Jan HackenbergHeinrich SpieckerKim CaldersMathias DisneyPasi RaumonenIn Forests, volume 6, 2015.
[34] Nondestructive estimates of above-ground biomass using terrestrial laser scanning Kim CaldersGlenn NewnhamAndrew BurtSimon MurphyPasi RaumonenMartin HeroldDarius CulvenorValerio AvitabileMathias DisneyJohn ArmstonMikko KaasalainenIn Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2015.
[33] Analysis of Geometric Primitives in Quantitative Structure Models of Tree Stems Åkerblom MarkkuPasi RaumonenMikko KaasalainenEric CasellaIn Remote Sensing, volume 7, 2015.
[32] Shape reconstruction from images: Pixel fields and Fourier transform Matti ViikinkoskiMikko KaasalainenIn Inverse Problems and Imaging, volume 8, 2014.
[31] Tree Root System Characterization and Volume Estimation by Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Quantitative Structure Modeling Aaron SmithRasmus AstrupPasi RaumonenJari LiskiAnssi KrooksSanna KaasalainenMarkku ÅkerblomMikko KaasalainenIn Forests, volume 5, 2014.
[30] Sparse source travel-time tomography of a laboratory target: accuracy and robustness of anomaly detection Sampsa PursiainenMikko KaasalainenIn Inverse Problems, volume 30, 2014.
[29] Detection of anomalies in radio tomography of asteroids: Source count and forward errors Sampsa PursiainenMikko KaasalainenIn Planetary and Space Science, volume 99, 2014.
[28] Indirect emissions of bioenergy: detailed analysis of stump-root systems. J. LiskiP. RaumonenS. KaasalainenA. RepoA. KrooksA. AkujärviM. KaasalainenIn Global Change Biology Bioenergy, 2014.
[27] Predicting tree structure from tree height using terrestrial laser scanning and quantitative structure models Anssi KrooksSanna KaasalainenVille KankareMarianna JoensuuPasi RaumonenMikko KaasalainenIn Silva Fennica, volume 48, 2014.
[26] Change Detection of Tree Biomass with Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Quantitative Structure Modelling Sanna KaasalainenAnssi KrooksJari LiskiPasi RaumonenHarri KaartinenMikko KaasalainenEetu PuttonenKati AnttilaRaisa MäkipääIn Remote Sensing, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, volume 6, 2014.
[25] Fast Automatic Precision Tree Models from Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data. P. RaumonenM. KaasalainenM. ÅkerblomS. KaasalainenH. KaartinenM. VastarantaM. HolopainenM. DisneyP. LewisIn Remote Sensing, volume 5, 2013.
[24] Iterative alternating sequential (IAS) method for radio tomography of asteroids in 3D S. PursiainenM. KaasalainenIn Planetary and Space Science, volume 82–83, 2013.
[23] Canonical methods of constructing invariant tori by phase–space sampling T. LaaksoM. KaasalainenIn Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, volume 243, 2013.
[22] Compact YORP formulation and stability analysis M. KaasalainenH. NortunenIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 558, 2013.
[21] Shape reconstruction of irregular bodies with multiple complementary data sources. M. KaasalainenM. ViikinkoskiIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 543, 2012.
[20] Optimal computation of brightness integrals parametrized on the unit sphere. M. KaasalainenX. LuA. VänttinenIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 539, 2012.
[19] Shape modeling techniques KOALA validated by ESA Rosetta at (21) Lutetia. B. CarryM. Kaasalainen11 colleaguesIn Planetary and Space Science, volume 66, 2012.
[18] Images of Asteroid 21 Lutetia: A Remnant Planetesimal from the Early Solar System. H. Sierksincl. M. Kaasalainen 57 colleaguesIn Science, volume 334, 2011.
[17]Approximation of volume and branch size distribution of trees from laser scanner data Pasi RaumonenSanna KaasalainenMikko KaasalainenHarri KaartinenIn Int. Archives Photogramm., Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci, Citeseer, volume 38, 2011.
[16] Multimodal inverse problems: maximum compatibility estimate and shape reconstruction. M. KaasalainenIn Inverse Problems and Imaging, volume 5, 2011.
[15] Combining asteroid models derived by lightcurve inversion with asteroidal occultation silhouettes. J. ĎurechM. Kaasalainen10 colleaguesIn Icarus, volume 214, 2011.
[14] E-type asteroid Steins as imaged by OSIRIS on board Rosetta. H.U. Kellerincl. M. Kaasalainen 46 colleaguesIn Science, volume 327, 2010.
[13] DAMIT: a database of asteroid models. J. ĎurechV. SidorinM. KaasalainenIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 513, 2010.
[12] Dynamical tomography of gravitationally bound systems. M. KaasalainenIn Inverse Problems and Imaging, volume 2, 2008.
[11] Acceleration of the rotation of asteroid 1862 Apollo by radiation torques. M. KaasalainenJ. ĎurechB. WarnerYu. KruglyN. GaftonyukIn Nature, volume 446, 2007.
[10] Inverse problems of generalized projection operators. M. KaasalainenL. LambergIn Inverse Problems, volume 22, 2006.
[9] Physical models of large number of asteroids from calibrated photometry sparse in time. M. KaasalainenIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 422, 2004.
[8] Photometric signatures of highly nonconvex and binary asteroids. J. ĎurechM. KaasalainenIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 404, 2003.
[7] Models of Twenty Asteroids from Photometric Data M. KaasalainenJ. TorppaJ. PiironenIn Icarus, volume 159, 2002.
[6] Numerical solution of the Minkowski problem L. LambergM. KaasalainenIn Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, volume 137, 2001.
[5] Optimization Methods for Asteroid Lightcurve Inversion: II. The Complete Inverse Problem M. KaasalainenJ. TorppaK. MuinonenIn Icarus, volume 153, 2001.
[4] Optimization Methods for Asteroid Lightcurve Inversion: I. Shape Determination M. KaasalainenJ. TorppaIn Icarus, volume 153, 2001.
[3] Interpretation of lightcurves of precessing asteroids. M. KaasalainenIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 376, 2001.
[2] Construction of invariant tori and integrable Hamiltonians M. KaasalainenJ. BinneyIn Physical Review Letters, volume 73, 1994.
[1] Interpretation of lightcurves of atmosphereless bodies. I. General theory and new inversion schemes. M. KaasalainenL. LambergK. LummeE. BowellIn Astronomy & Astrophysics, volume 259, 1992.
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