Recent publications

BL-algebras of Basic Fuzzy Logic.
Mathware & Soft Computing. Vol 6 1(1999) 63-78.
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Boolen Deductive systems of BL-algebras.
Arch. Math. Logic. 40(2001) 467-473.
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Logal BL-algebras.
Multi. Val. Logic. 2001, Vol. 6. pp.229-249 (co-author Salvatore Sessa).
[PDF: 600kB] [Postscript: 340kB]

Semilogal BL-algebras. (Manuscript).
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Fuzzy Propositonal Logic.
In V. Novak, I. Perfilieva (eds): Discovering World with Fuzzy Logic: Perspectives and Approaches to Formalizations of Human-Consistent Logical Systems. Studies in Fuzzyness and Soft Computing.Springer Verlag (2000).
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Traffic Signal Control on Total Fuzzy Similarity based Reasoning.
Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 2003, Vol. 133, 109-131. (co-author Jarkko Niittymäki).
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Survey of Theory and Applications of Lukasiewicz-Pavelka Fuzzy Logic.
In: Lectures on Soft Computing and Fuzzy Logic. Advances in Soft Computing. Physica-Verlag, Heidelberg 2001. 313-337. (Eds. A. di Nola and G. Gerla).
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Asiantuntijan ajattelun mallintaminen sumean logiikan avulla.
MALU 2002-projektin osana. Rolf Nevanlinna-Instituutin julkaisuja.
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Many-valued Similarity Reasoning. An Algebraic Approach.
Multiple Valued Logic 2002, Vol 8, pp. 751-760.(co-author Paavo Kukkurainen)
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Fuzzy model for a real-time reservoir operation..
Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 2002, Vol 128, pp 66-73. (co-authors Tanja Dubrovin and Ari Jolma).
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Short Term Prediction of Highway Travel Time Using Data Mining and Neuro-Fuzzy Methods.
To be published in Neural Network World(co-author Davod Coufal
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