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The unofficial deadline for the sign-ups is Monday October 18.

An informal (and non-mandatory) startup meeting for the course is held on Friday Octorber 15 between 11:15 and 12:00 in the room Td318 (the seminar room ad the Department of Mathematics). The main idea is to go through the procedures of the course and discuss open questions. It is possible to sign up for the course at this meeting and also afterwards by email.


This is the homepage for the webcourse on infinite-dimensional systems theory by the Department of Mathematics at Tampere University of Technology. The course is part of an international seminar 14th Internet Seminar on Infinite Dimensional Linear Systems Theory.

The topic of the course is an introduction to infinite-dimensional linear systems theory and control theory. The course is recommended especially to students interested in differential equations, functional analysis or mathematical modeling. The topic of the course is also closely related to the course MAT-51336 Distributed Parameter Systems (not required as a prequisite). The course consists of studying infinite-dimensional linear systems used in modeling phenomena described, for example, by different types of ordinary and partial differential equations. A more detailed description of the topic can be found here.

Enrolments for the course can be sent to Lassi Paunonen by Monday October 18 (email etunimi.sukunimi@tut.fi, office Td319). All other inquiries about the course can also be sent to him.

The course consists of approximately ten online lectures and exercises associated to them. The duration of the course is from the middle of October to February. The lectures are given by well-known professors
Birgit Jacob (University of Wuppertal, Germany) and
Hans Zwart (University of Twente, Netherlands).

The number of credits for the course is given later. It is also possible to only complete a part of the course. The course is suitable for postgraduate studies.

Recommended prequisite for the course is a basic knowledge of functional analysis, for example MAT-41146 Introduction to Functional Analysis or similar. On the other hand, it is also possible to complete only the first part of the course consisting of finite-dimensional systems theory. In this case the basics of linear algebra, MAT-31096 Matrix Algebra or similar are sufficient prequisites. Also the theory of differential equations will be useful.

The assistant Lassi Paunonen will help the students with the excercises and give guidance related to the prequisites and general topics in the field of mathematical systems theory.

Professor Seppo Pohjolainen
Researcher Lassi Paunonen

(email first.last@tut.fi).

Lectures and Excercises

Published later.


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