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Positioning Algorithms Group

Research topics

Personal positioning refers to computing the 3D position coordinates of a portable handset using a variety of measurements. Combining information from satellite-based systems (such as GPS), terrestrial radio systems (such as cellular networks), and on-board sensors has presented numerous new challenges, especially as some of the measurements were not originally intended to be used for positioning purposes.

Meanwhile, the increasing computational capabilities of the mobile handset are making it possible to take advantage of more sophisticated mathematical methods to compensate for the scarce and incomplete data.

The group studies the point-position and nonlinear filtering techniques required in modern personal positioning, including

  • Bayesian inference,
  • sequential Monte Carlo methods,
  • (extended) Kalman filters, and
  • numerical integration methods

In addition, we research statististical and geometric models pertaining to the problem as well as efficient numerical algorithms for positioning/tracking computations.

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Research group TUT portfolio code is MAT-POS.

Group members

Robert Piché, professor
tel +358 40 849 0174,
email  firstname.lastname@tut.fi

Simo Särkkä, adjunct professor
email simo.sarkka(at)aalto.fi

Simo Ali-Löytty, postdoctoral researcher
tel +358 40 198 1991,
email simo.ali-loytty(a)tut.fi

Matti Raitoharju, postdoctoral researcher

Helena Leppäkoski, postdoctoral researcher

Pavel Davidson, postdoctoral researcher

Juha Ala-Luhtala, researcher

Henri Nurminen, researcher

Sakari Rautalin, research assistant

Jaakko Pihlajasalo, research assistant

Heikki Virekunnas, research assistant

Konstantin Hahl, research assistant

Saara Kuismanen, research assistant

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Former members

Niilo Sirola, Dr. Tech,
Kari Heine, Dr. Tech,
Liang Chen, Dr. Tech,
Marzieh Dashti, Dr. Tech,
Henri Pesonen, Dr. Tech,
Juliane Muller, Dr. Tech,
Muller Philipp, Dr. Tech,
Tommi Perälä, M.Sc. and
  31 M.Sc.'s


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