Writing Claims as Predicates 1 / 14

Welcome to the MathCheck course on writing claims using predicate logic! Before we start, please ensure that you have the following document continuously available: How to type symbols and commands. It will be frequently needed. If you click it now, it will open to a new browser window or tab.

Formulae in predicate logic talk about some domain of discourse. Our domain is integer arrays in the sense that they are used in programming languages. For the first set of questions, the array is called `A` and it is indexed from 1 to `n`. That is, its elements are `A[1]`, `A[2]`, …, `A[n]`.

Please write predicates that express the given claims. To help getting started, the first answer has already been given.

The first element is 3.

The last element is greater than 1.

The second element is different from 2.

Then click either submit button. If the page you get reports problems in your answers, then fix your answers. (If you clicked “submit same tab”, then first click the back button of your browser). If the page reports no problems, the bottom of it contains a link to the next problem page.


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