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Software update

A new version of the QSM Blender Addons package was recently released. The addon allows tree surface models and leaf models to be imported and visualized in Blender. The 0.7.0 version is available in GitHub.

See Software page.

QSM software available

Our team embraces the ideology of open-source and data sharing. Thus, we've released the full source code of the QSM reconstruction procedure, TreeQSM. If you are unfamiliar with the algorithm, please see Raumonen et al. 2013. Future software releases will take place under the groups Github profile, InverseTampere.

See Software list.

Hello Twitter!

Our research group has joined Twitter under the handle @InverseTampere! Follow us on Twitter to get news on publications, videos and other material, as well as, upcoming events. A link to the account is available on the footer of this site.

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New journal paper published

A paper titled "3D shape of asteroid (6) Hebe from VLT/SPHERE imaging: Implications for the origin of ordinary H chondrites" was published in the Astronomy & Astrophysics journal.

New poster added

A poster on automatic species recognition has been added to the poster section. The poster was recently presented at a Royal Society meeting at Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire.

New material section for software

A new section for software produced by our team was added under the material section. A software package called Bayes-Forest Toolbox 1.0 for generating morphological tree clones is the first software package under the new section.

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