Original photo by Cryonic07[CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Tampere-talo is the largest conference hall in Scandinavia. It first opened it doors to the public in 1990, so it is only a couple years older than the Inverse Days.

For the Inverse Days we use the room Sonaatti 2 that is located in the basement floor. You can view the layout of the Tampere-talo in PDF-format. The map is also included in the abstract book.

The conference room includes a presentation computer, a stationary mic and a wireless headset mic. Presenters may use their own computers as well, the connection is VGA.

The lunch will be served daily in the Fuuga hall on the 2nd floor. Coffee is served outside the Sonaatti 2 room.


On Tuesday the ice-breaker will be organized in the centre of Tampere in a building called Pikkupalatsi. This property was originally build as a modest residence for the first superintendent of the Finlayson factory back in 1897. Since then the building has been used an apartment building and even office space.

Nowadays the top floor is used as an apartment, and the first and basement floors can be rented for various types of events. The first floor has been restored to its original appearance and consists of several individual rooms. The basement houses the sauna and pool area and also a pool room (biljards, not swimming) with a table more than a hundred years old.

The street address of the Pikkupalatsi is Hämeenpuisto 7 which is just a walking distance away from the city centre. The bus line 20 drives though the main street, Hämeenkatu, and stops at Pikkupalatsi, and the name of the bus stop is appropriately Pikkupalatsi.

Finlayson Palace

The Finlayson palace is located in the Wilhelm von Nottbeck park in the former Finlayson factory region of Tampere. Historically, the building has served as home for the owner of the Finlayson factory, James Finlayson. The building was completed in 1899 and it is surrounded by a beautiful garden, which of course, we will not be enjoying because of the winter.

Nowadays, the building hosts a restaurant with the same name. This neo-renaissance building will serve as the venue for the conference dinner on Wednesday. Depending on the number of participants, we will either reserve one or two wings in the first floor of the restaurant.

The street address of the Finlayson Palace is Kuninkaankatu 1. Distance to the Solo Sokos Hotel Torni is 1.7 km and the walk should take somewhere between 20 and 25 minutes.