The conference will be held in Tampere, Finland 9 - 11 December 2014. Tampere is located roughly 200 kilometers north of Helsinki. The closest airport is Tampere-Pirkkala, but if travelling from abroad you can also fly to Helsinki-airport and take the two hour trainride to Tampere. Long-distance busses are also available from various cities. The following is a list of references to traveling services for further information.

VR - Trains

The only train company in Finland. You can buy tickets online, in the train stations or on-board the train. Timetables are also available online.

Matkahuolto - Long-distance busses

Matkahuolto offers timetables and ticket sale services for long-distance busses operated by several bus companies. Tickets may also be purchased from the driver when boarding a bus.

TKL - City busses

Tampereen kaupunkiliikenne (TKL) is the operator of most of the city busses in Tampere. Tickets are purchased from the driver when entering the bus. A single fare inside the city is currently 2.6 euros and the ticket is valid for one hour during which you may exchange busses.

Taxi in Tampere

Tampereen Aluetaksi Oy is one of the taxi services in the Tampere area. You can book a taxi from the phone number +358 100 4131. There are also several taxi stands in the city centre where you can get a taxi fast. The relevent stand are in the railway station, bus station and the Central Square.

A map of the center of Tampere is shown below. The conference venues, as well as bus and train stations are positioned on the map. The Näsinneula tower is also identified as a landmark for orienteering. Click on the map for a larger version. You can also visit the interactive Google-maps version.