The registration deadline has now passed. Registrations are no longer accepted.

The conference fee is 120 euros which includes conference materials, lunches, coffees, the ice breaker and the conference dinner. Registration is closed November 27th, so please register before then. After a successful registration, you should receive an email. After registration, complete the registration fee to the following bank account:

Account owner Suomen inversioseura
IBAN number FI72 1012 3000 2079 18
Reference number Members of the Finnish inverse problems society should use their personal number, and others should use the reference '500 5'.
If an institution wants to pay the fees collectively for multiple people please use the reference number '500 5' and email the list of names to the secretary of the society and to the local organizing commitee.

The list of registered participants is visible in the Participants section, but the list is not updated in real time.

If you have issues concerning the registration or payments, use the contact form and select Registration and payment as the topic.