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The aim of the group is to promote mathematical research and real world applications of the following non-classical logics:

1. Lukasiewicz introduced in 1920’s multi-valued logics, the first non-classical logical calculus. Early important contributor wére Wajsberg and C.C. Chang. In 1998 Hajek generalized Lukasiewicz logic to what is now called BL-logic.We are studying BL-logic from an algebraic point of view. Known by Lindenbaum-Tarski Theorem, for each logic there is a corresponding abstract algebra. For classical bivalent logic this algebra in Boolean, for BL-logic it is BL-algebra.

2. Fuzzy Logic was introduced in 1973, the phrase has, however, several meanings. Fuzzy logic in broad sense has a multitude of industrial application, mathematical fuzzy logic is searching the foundations of these application. Our interest is in both.

3. The GUHA method is a logic approach to data mining and also the oldest one introduced by Chytil, Havranek and Hajek in 1966. We study both theory and applications of GUHA.

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