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Etusivu » 50 years of Kalman filtering

50 years of Kalman filtering

Keskiviikko, 20.04.2011 - 15:45

This guest lecture will be presented on Wednesday 4.5.2011 in Td308, 14.15-15.00 by Dr. Sci. Оleg А. Stepanov of Elektropribor Corporation and St. Petersburg State University - welcome!

In 1960, 30-year-old R. E. Kalman published the algorithm for estimation of dynamic processes that has become a cornerstone of  engineering and econometric applications including the phase-locked loop and GPS receivers. In this lecture, the historical and mathematical background of this powerful algorithm are surveyed, and a biographical sketch of Kalman, who is still active scientifically, is presented.

info: Robert Piché