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Consulting Services

The TUT Mathematics Department offers mathematics and statistics expertise for research and development projects in the private and public sectors. The collaboration can range from informal working relationships to small or longer-term research contracts.

Our collaboration partner firms include large companies such as Nokia and Wärtsilä as well as numerous smaller firms. A popular collaboration arrangement is via Masters’ scholarships.

Areas of expertise and contact persons:

  • statistical data analysis: KR, RP, MK, RS, OK
  • differential equations, simulation: RP, SP, RS
  • optimisation: MK, SF, OK, RS
  • geometry: SLE, SF, RP
  • logistics, operations research, game theory: SF, RS
  • estimation, forecasting: RP, KR, ET
  • numerical methods: RPSP, MK, RS, OK
  • Matlab, Maple: RP, KR, TH
  • quality control, reliability, design of experiments: KR, RS
  • biostatistics: KR
  • inverse problems (incl. geophysics & remote sensing): MK
  • algebra: SF
  • data mining, fuzzy modelling: ET
  • positioning & navigation: RP