74th Workshop on General Algebra
74. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra (AAA74)
Tampere University of Technology, June 7–10, 2007

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Tampere University of Technology Tampere University of Technology

How to reach Tampere

By air

It is possible to fly via Helsinki to Tampere. There are also direct flights from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bremen, Dublin, Frankfurt (Hahn), Liverpool, London (Stansted), and Riga to Tampere-Pirkkala International Airport. The flights from Bremen, Dublin, Frankfurt, Liverpool, London, and Riga are operated by Ryanair.

If you fly to Helsinki and not to Tampere, then you can take a bus from Helsinki airport to Tampere (around the clock). Alternatively you can board any Helsinki–Tampere train at Tikkurila station that is closest to the airport.

By train

Trains from Helsinki to Tampere depart every hour, and the travelling time to Tampere is approximately 2 hours. There are also trains to Tampere from Turku. Turku is reachable by a 12-hour ferry connection from Stockholm. Helsinki is reachable by ferry boat from Tallinn; the crossing takes only a couple of hours.

Train timetables: VR

By bus

Travelling by an express bus is an easy way to get from Helsinki or from Helsinki–Vantaa Airport to Tampere. The travelling time by bus is 2 hours 30 minutes.

Bus timetables: Paunu ExpressBus

How to reach Tampere University of Technology

Tampere University of Technology is located in the Hervanta suburb of Tampere, about 10 kilometers from the city center. General information and maps of the campus area are available from the university website.

All talks except the Saturday midnight talk will be in the Tietotalo building at the Tampere University of Technology.

Several bus lines (13, 20, 23, 30, 39) operate regularly between the city center of Tampere and Hervanta, taking bus 13 is probably the simplest:

If you arrive by train from Turku or Helsinki/Tikkurila, leave the train station by the main (West) entrance. (Trains from Turku and Helsinki/Tikkurila pull into the station from the South, heading North.) Take bus 13 going to Hermia (direction East) from the bus stop located on Hämeenkatu street right opposite the main entrance of the Stockmann department store which is very visible from the main entrance of the railway station.

Most buses feature a display in the front of the passenger cabin that shows the names of upcoming stops. Get off the bus at the stop called TTY. If the names of stops are not displayed in the bus, ask the driver preferably by showing him in writing the name TTY, which is the abbreviation of the Finnish name of Tampere University of Technology. ("Y" is not pronounced "why" in Finnish and some drivers may not speak English. Note also that asking simply for "the University" or for "Tietotalo" may lead to confusion, as there is another university and another Tietotalo in the city center.) As you get off the bus, Tampere University of Technology is right across the highway, and Tietotalo is the building nearest the highway. Arriving from Tampere center, you can cross the highway by an underpass. Registration desk is located in Tietotalo building near the main entrance. The entrance that is facing the highway is not the main entrance and might be locked; walk a bit towards the campus center to find the main entrance. See the schematic map.

Bus travel time from city center to Hervanta is about 20 minutes. You can pay the bus fare of 2 euros (4 euros late in the night) to the driver. If you do not pay the exact amount, change will be given. However, the driver is likely not to have enough change if you try to pay with a 500-euro note. Also note that buses do not stop automatically at every stop, so you should clearly signal to the driver your intentions of getting on or off a bus (by flagging down a bus or by pushing a stop request button, respectively).

From location other than the train station in Tampere, we suggest you go to the train station or the Stockmann department store and follow the above directions from there.

To go from Tampere University of Technology to the city center, you can leave Tietotalo by the entrance nearest to the highway, bus 13 going in the direction of the city center stops right in front of that entrance (see the map).


Due to the enormous popularity of mobile phones, public telephone booths have become virtually nonexistent in Finland. While GSM roaming is available, it may be worthwhile purchasing a prepaid SIM card for inexpensive local calls. The easiest place to buy one is R-kioski with kiosks all over the country, for instance in Tampere railway station, or at the shopping center near Tampere University of Technology.

Conference participants have access to the internet in Tietotalo; wireless internet is also available. There are internet cafés in the city center, let us mention Internet Madi (address: Tuomiokirkonkatu 36, near railway station).


Please make your hotel reservation as early as possible.

We have pre-booked rooms in six hotels for conference participants. Hotel Hermica is located near Tampere University of Technology in Hervanta, other hotels are in the city center.

Participants are kindly requested to make their own hotel reservation. In order to access the pre-booked rooms, we suggest making the reservation by email, telephone, or fax. Online reservation forms may not allow access to pre-booked rooms and may accordingly indicate that rooms are no longer available to the general public.

When making your reservation, to have access to pre-booked rooms, please quote "AAA74".

Hotel Hermica
Insinöörinkatu 78
33720 Tampere
Tel.: +358 3 365 1111
Fax: +358 3 317 1200
e-mail: sales@hermica.fi
Hotel Hermica is located in Hervanta at walking distance from Tampere University of Technology.
Pre-reservation expires on 27 April 2007!
Single room rate should be about 60 euros.
Further information

Hotel Kauppi
Kalevan puistotie 2
33500 Tampere
Tel.: +358 3 253 5353
Fax: +358 3 253 4611
e-mail: kauppi@avainhotellit.fi
Pre-reservation expires already on 30 April 2007!
Single room rate should be about 60 euros.
Further information

Hotel Cumulus Hämeenpuisto
Hämeenpuisto 47
33200 Tampere
Tel.: +358 3 386 2000
Fax: +358 3 386 2299
e-mail: hameenpuisto.cumulus@restel.fi
Pre-reservation expires on 10 May 2007
Single room rate should be about 85 euros.
Further information

Hotel Cumulus Koskikatu
Koskikatu 5
33100 Tampere
Tel.: +358 3 242 4117, +358 3 242 4121
Fax: +358 3 242 4399
e-mail: koskikatu.cumulus@restel.fi
Pre-reservation expires on 7 May 2007
Single room rate should be about 85–90 euros.
Further information

Hotel Cumulus Pinja
Satakunnankatu 10
33100 Tampere
Tel.: +358 3 241 5111
Fax: +358 3 241 5555
e-mail: pinja.cumulus@restel.fi
Pre-reservation expires on 8 May 2007
Single room rate should be about 120 euros, double 145 euros.
Further information

Scandic Tampere City
Hämeenkatu 1
33100 Tampere
Tel.: +358 3 2446 111
Fax: +358 3 2441 2211
e-mail: tamperecity@scandic-hotels.com
Pre-reservation expires on 2 May 2007
Single room rate should be about 90–110 euros.
Further information

Sokos Hotel Ilves
Hatanpään valtatie 1
33100 Tampere
Tel.: +358 20 123 4600
e-mail: sokos.hotels@sok.fi
Pre-reservation expires on 23 May 2007
Single room rate should be about 140 euros.
Further information

Other hotels in Tampere:

All hotels in Tampere.

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