Graduate Student Workshop on
Clifford Algebras and Inverse Problems
Tampere University of Technology, September 1–5, 2008

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Tampere University of Technology Tampere University of Technology

How to participate?

Please send an application to Samuli Siltanen. The application should include
  • one-page CV,
  • short explanation about your scientific background, research interests, and why you find this workshop interesting,
  • letter of recommendation from a faculty member at your institution (preferably your advisor),
  • an abstract if you want to give a talk.
The application can be sent by
  • E-mail: samuli.siltanen(at)
  • fax +358 3 3115 3549,
  • or snail mail to Samuli Siltanen, Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Mathematics, P.O. Box 553, FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland.

Applications received before April 30st will receive consideration. Due to limited space we may not be able to accept all applicants.

Registration and conference fee

If you plan to attend, please register by April 30, 2008.
Registration form.
Payment information.

Please make your hotel reservation as soon as possible.


If you are planning to give a talk, please send the abstract to samuli.siltanen(at)
by April 30, 2008 Every speaker's talk will be allocated 25 minutes.

Contact Information

Organizing committee.


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